Tong to Present at 2019 Financial Innovations and Payment Summit - ECARDINC

We are proud that our own COO, Kim Tong has been invited to present at the 2019 Financial Innovation and Payment Summit.  This year’s summit will be held in Rhode Island July 10-12.  An expert in Cross Border payment and International Transactions, Kim will share her experience and knowledge on these fast-growing and complex topics.

During the event, Kim was able to exchange ideas with senior executives from Bottega Veneta, Tata Consultancy, and MG Miller. As an industry leader, Kim was able to offer unique and keen insights into the US-China border payments industry. Panel speakers and attendees showed strong interest in ECARD and the idea behind it. In addition, ECARD, as a company, had the opportunity to learn about mobile payments, mobile wallets, and blockchain technology from many major industry players such as MasterCard and HP as well as from other rising startups.

Other conference topics include:

    • Using Partnerships with Technology Platforms to Offer Additional Services
    • Digital Identity & Authentication
    • Evolution of Digital Banking
    • Financial Innovation and The Future of Payments
    • Faster Payment Solutions & Customer Engagement
    • Cross Border Payments & International Transactions
    • Mobile Wallets & Apps
    • Legal, Tax, and Regulatory Issues
    • Artificial Intelligence, Data and Predictive Analytics
    • Open API’s
    • Streamlining Ecommerce
    • Payments & Prepaid Innovations
    • Cryptocurrency

The Summit is organized by the Opal Group.  A complete list of speakers is available HERE.