To Offer a Better Purchasing Experience, We Made It - ECARDINC


To Offer a Better Purchasing Experience, We Made It


We now have received hundreds of requests of invitation and already mailed out twenty ECARDs to the first applicants who have been keeping us company for years. It is impressive that every second we made effort, we got one step closer to open the door to the public.


“We are now doing a project that will build a stunning lifestyle for our clients,” said Wayne Tsao, Chief Executive Officer of ECARD Inc. “ECARD demonstrates a convenient and flexible payment method for consumers to make day-to-day purchases and travel beyond countries and regions.”


The first twenty ECARD users consist of our employees and family members who are willing to help us test them in daily purchase. While we are thrilled to have ECARD in hand, we still have to take the necessary time to ensure that our system is rock-solid to fulfill the market demand.


“We all have been anticipating the day when ECARD is available to the public for online application, but we also learned to keep patience and be scrupulous about every detail through the past months.” Said Mr. Tsao.


ECARD is something revolutionary, and making revolution is never easy. We appreciate for all the supports that we have been blessed with, and now we get more assured that ECARD will deserve all your trust.





ECARD is the first U.S. issued UnionPay EMV prepaid card that has a worldwide acceptance. Besides basic financial card functions, ECARD supports online payment and mobile account management that satisfy customers’ needs. ECARD sets up business partnerships with merchants around the world to provide tremendous cashback for card holders. ECARD holders also have accesses to diversified merchant rewards from UnionPay International.



ECARD Inc. is a FinTech company based in New York. To improve the ever-changing financial ecosystem, the company delivers a simpler, faster, and superior payment solution for customers who travel internationally or make day-to-day purchase at home.


Themed in “Tech-blue”, with the logo designed as “E” (ECARD Inc.) wraps around “C” (Customers), we put customers’ benefits at the center of everything we do, and work to establish a world-class network that helps people connect, communicate, and collaborate.