Project 4


Property Description:

This is an opportunity to invest in the preferred equities tied to a mixed-use development project located at the waterfront of East River in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY (the “Neighborhood”) and its block/lot is 2520/100 (the “Property”). The Property is on the water and it consists of an existing deck and an underwater site of 0.494 acre. As shown in the above survey, the Property is situated to the west of the east bank of East River, to the south of the pier line extended from Green Street, to the north of the pier line extended from Huron Street, and its western boundary is parallel with the westerly side of West Street. The subject site is 85,003+/- square feet and the total buildable area is 458,181+/- square feet, including 272,363 square feet for the residential condos and 185,818 square feet for the community facility. Our team, Eastone Capital, serves as the developer of this project, already acquired the land parcel of this property at the sale price of $2,000,000 on June 30th, 2014 and we planned to develop a Commercial Residential Mixed building.


Huron Pier (Block 2520 Lot 100), Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY