Layover at Incheon - ECARDINC

The Incheon International Airport near Seoul Korea sees about 60 million visitors per year.  Americans traveling to Asian countries often find themselves with long layovers in this airport.  If time allows you should definitely see what Seoul has to offer.  If you are already tired and still have a long journey ahead, the airport offers some great options to rest and recharge.

Transit passengers at Incheon can get a free shower.  If your next flight is the day after there are two in-airport hotels.   You can get a good night’s sleep without having to go through security, immigration, or customs.  There is a nursery and kids zone.  This can be a real help if your kids are feeling antsy.  There is a health center and pharmacy.  Stop in if you are not feeling well.  And the Korean government has even brought some cultural experiences to the airport.  There is a Korean Cultural Center in the terminal with performances throughout the day.  Even if you are just passing through you can still learn a little about Korea (Source).

No one likes to be stuck in an airport for a long period of time.  If you have to spend a lot of time in an airport, Incheon makes it about as comfortable as possible.  At ECARD we love to travel.  We want your travel experience to be comfortable, safe, and convenient.  CLICK HERE to learn about the benefits of traveling internationally with ECARD.