Keep Your Money Secure When You Travel - ECARDINC

Traveling is exciting.  It can be fun.  Traveling lets us see the world through a different lens.  But, traveling also put us on edge.  New surroundings, unfamiliar language, different climates, time changes, and unusual currency are unsettling.

Knowing your travel money is secure can provide peace of mind.  It is a good idea to have some cash with you, but don’t carry too much.  Today you don’t have to rely on money belts and traveler’s checks.  ECARD is accepted everywhere Union Pay is accepted.  And if your ECARD is ever lost or stolen you can temporarily turn it off from your phone or any computer.  The “Block” feature allows you to shut down your card temporarily with the touch of a button.  The feature is available through the ECARD APP.  It can also be accessed through the web on our website. Carry and ECARD when you travel internationally.  CLICK HERE to learn about all the benefits.