How to Link a Bank Account to ECARD? - ECARDINC

In order to transfer funds to ECARD, you need to first link and verify your bank account. This can be done in 2 ways: instant verification and micro-deposits. Instant verification is supported by Plaid to ensure user’s account security and privacy. Meanwhile, you can always choose to manually link a bank account and verify it by micro-transfers.

  • Log in to your ECARD App. (User ID and password are created by you after you activate and register your ECARD)


  • Once logged in, select the hamburger icon located on the top left corner of your app and select My Bank Accounts under Load Funds.


  • Select Add to link a new bank account or Verify any linked bank account.


  • Select your bank by either searching the name of the bank or by selecting the bank logo.


  • Instant Verification: One way to instantly link and verify bank accounts is by logging into your online banking account with ID and password. This will instantly link and verify your bank account. (Prompts vary from bank to bank)


  • Micro-deposits: If you are unable to find your bank, you can add your bank account manually by following the prompts.


  • Follow the instruction on your screen and input your Name, Account Number, Account Type, and Routing Number. Once completed, verify all the information and select Save Account.


  • When you add your bank account manually, we’ll need to send 2 micro-deposits to your bank account to verify ownership (each less than $1). You’ll see these deposits in your bank account within 1-2 business days as 2 separate transactions.
  • Once you have received the micro-deposits, go back to the page where you manage your linked accounts, and select Verify Now.


  • Input the exact amounts of the two micro-deposits in the order you received it. Once the status of your account changes to Verified, you are all set. Please remember that bank to card transfers take 4-5 business days.