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ECARD UnionPay Prepaid Card is issued by Global Bank of New York (Member FDIC), pursuant to a license by UnionPay international Co., Ltd.

The card number of this Prepaid Card starts with “62” which means cardholders are able to enjoy Travel Mate Asia benefits offered by UnionPay; which include shopping, dining, hotel rewards and so much more.

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Basic functions: Deposit and withdraw money, funds transfer, and cross-border purchasing.

Value-added services: Primary and Supplementary Card function, online payments, bill payments, cashback rewards, and online account management.

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We have established effective controls to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of all customer information. Your ECARD funds are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000. ECARD users can manage their accounts through the ECARD mobile app and online service portal. From there, the users can view their transactions to ensure their account’s safety.

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Instant transfer between ECARD accounts

Purchases and ATM withdrawals can be made in over 170 countries that support UnionPay

Enjoy all UnionPay International benefits

Enjoy local rewards and benefits made exclusively with ECARD

The convenience of making online bill payments

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Once you qualify for an ECARD UnionPay Prepaid Card, you will have the option of adding up to 2 Supplementary Cards to your account.

The Primary Card is the account you receive when you first sign up.

Each Supplementary Card will have the ability to make purchases and ATM withdrawals.

Funds will be loaded on the Supplementary Card through the Primary Card using the transfer funds feature through the ECARD mobile-app or on our web portal.

The Primary cardholder will have access to review all transactions of the Supplementary Cardholder, block the card, and manage the card balance.

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Of course you can! You can make purchases with ECARD in 170 countries worldwide in any store that accepts UnionPay.
The currency exchange rate is based on UnionPay International exchange rates.

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Yes, you can! If you need cash in the local currency during your travels, then ECARD will be even more perfect for you!
ECARD users can make cash withdrawals instantly from any ATM that accepts UnionPay.
Using ECARD is convenient and saves you from being over-charged with unfavorable exchange rates set by local shops.

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Direct Deposit and Bank-to-Card transfers are free of charge.

For foreign transactions, the currency exchange rate is based on UnionPay International exchange rates.

Your foreign transaction fee is as low as 1.49% of the transaction amount.

Each ECARD account can hold up to $10,000 in the account.

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Absolutely not! Enrolling in ECARD won’t do a credit check, therefore it won’t be any effect on your personal credit.

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To load funds into ECARD, you can link your bank account to ECARD account using the ECARD mobile-app or our web portal.

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