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ECARD is a UnionPay International authorized the global multi-functional prepaid card, issued by Global Bank, which is one of the FDIC members. ECARD members will enjoy all benefits provided by UnionPay International (card number starts with “62”) and Travel Mate Asia, including rewards from shopping, dining, hotels, etc., to provide one-stop China-US cross-border shopping experiences and financial services.

Basic functions are: deposit and withdraw money, fund transfer, and cross-border purchasing.

Value-added service: Family Primary and Supplementary Card function, online payments, bill payments, cashbacks, and online account management.

No worry! ECARD has the absolute security protection solutions:

ECARD is a prepaid card authorized by UnionPay and is FDIC insured, for which the coverage is up to $250,000 for the account;

ECARD users will be able to manage their accounts through the mobile app and online service website. From there, the users can view their transaction record to ensure their accounts’ safety. When there is a discharge by the merchant, ECARD will help to take it back for you.

ECARD promises to protect user’s personal information and will never release it to unrelated parties.

Instant transfer between ECARD accounts

Purchases and ATM withdrawals can be made in over 170 countries that support UnionPay

Enjoy all UnionPay International benefits

Enjoy local rewards and benefits made exclusively with ECARD

The convenience of making online bill payments

ECARD supports two supplementary cards under one primary card. The primary card will be able to share funds with the supplementary card. The supplementary card can use the funds to make purchases and cash withdrawals; the primary card will be able to control and manage its supplementary card’s funds and activities.

Of course you can! You can make purchases with ECARD all over the world in any store that accepts UnionPay, which is over 170 countries. The currency exchange rate is based on UnionPay exchange rates.

Yes, you can! If you need cash in local currency, then ECARD will be more than perfect for you! ECARD users can make cash withdrawals instantly in any ATM that accepts UnionPay around the world, without the inconvenience of exchange the currency. The currency exchange rate is based on UnionPay exchange rates.

With ECARD, the monthly fee is waived for the first six months. After six months, the monthly fee will be waived if the card holds a monthly average for $500.

Online deposit will not occur any fee

For foreign transactions, the currency exchange rate is based on UnionPay exchange rates, and will charge a foreign transaction fee as low as 1.49%

Each ECARD account will be able hold $8,000 in their account.

That’s all the fees that we have!

Absolutely not! Enrolling in ECARD won’t do a credit check, therefore it won’t be any effect to your personal credit.

To load funds into ECARD, you can link your bank account to ECARD through your ECARD online services.