ECARD Partners with ShopEMALL to Offer Cashback Rewards as a Prepaid Card - ECARDINC

ShopEMALL ECARD Cashback Member Program

ECARD is one of the only programs that offers its members cashback reward as a prepaid card. This largely thanks to our most recent partnership with ShopEMALL, an online cashback program that offers up to 40% cashback at more than 4000 brands and retailers.

On top of the cashback already offered by the merchants, ECARD members will enjoy an exclusive 25% additional payout when redeeming their cashback on ShopEMALL. While the partnership between a cashback program and payment solution is nothing new for the industry, a 25% bonus payout is a first.

ECARD has always believed in giving back to users through rewards and benefits. Throughout the years, ECARD offered exclusive benefits to travelers by partnering with industry leaders such as UnionPay Internationa, China UNICOM, PATA, and ASTA. In 2020, ECARD is taking another step forward at expanding our list of partners. By partnering with Burgundy Assemblage and ShopEMALL, ECARD is looking forward to expanding our reward program to our users.

How do I Start Earning Rewards?

  1. Begin by signing up for a profile at ShopEMALL. You do not have to sign up with the same E-mail you used for ECARD. (
  2. Browse through more than 4000 stores and retailers. When you are ready to shop, find your desired shop on ShopEMALL and clicked “Shop Now”.
  3. Finish your transaction on the redirected site.
  4. Cashback will automatically credit to your ShopEMALL account. At this point, the amount you see is the original amount of your earned cashback.
  5. When it is time to redeem your cashback, you will find an option to payout using ECARD. You will see a 25% bonus added to your total amount at this point.

How Do I Know if I Have Received My Bonus Payout?

You will see two separate transactions credited to your ECARD account once you process the payout. One is for the original amount of cashback you earned through ShopEMALL and the other is your ECARD exclusive bonus payout.