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The beginning of April witnessed our company’s breakthrough on the pre-launch of ECARD. The settle-down of our own card printer represents a significant achievement of ECARD Inc. Throughout one year’s preparation, ECARD is ready to enter the market for the final testing and start accepting pre-application from the public.

Early on, we set up the goal of creating a financial card that could eliminate the costs and frictions associated with global payment. It was a bold idea and people thought we were putting efforts on something nearly impossible.


The road to success is always full of hardship and far more challenging than we’ve ever imagined. During the past year, we have accomplished a lot together and realized the full potential of ourselves at every time we overcame those obstacles and challenges to ensure that ECARD and its related services are reliable and strictly adhere to compliance.

It is amazing to look back to the year that we’ve spent on building a secure financial network beyond borders. Today, we all can be proud of the improvement on our product, as well as the role ECARD will play in the future revolution. Along with a vision to break the barrier of global payment system and redefine the way people bank in the world, we aim to create a more comfortable and pleasant way for people who are trying to live in their own term or pursue a career of passion. With the support of advanced technology, ECARD is the payment solution that enables frictionless transactions and keeps peace in everyone’s mind. While consumers are suffered from credit card fraud, ECARD will be the reliable guard of all user’s information in every corner of the world. Having ECARD in hand, you will have a life full of comfort and travel with pleasure.