ECARD Inc. Response to COVID-19 - ECARDINC

As the severity of COVID-19 rapidly escalates, ECARD and its entire team are implementing a series of emergency protocols to ensure the running of our operations while safeguarding the health and safety of our team and partners. 


Over the past week, ECARD’s IT infrastructure has been put in place to enable all team members and partners to telecommute amid the coronavirus outbreak. We have developed operational continuity plans for our teams to ensure we have the ability to keep our daily operations running.


Most importantly, our responsibility to our customers remains unchanged. Although it is an unsafe time period to travel, should any ECARD cardholders encounter any troubles during their travel, our team would try our best to help you through the situation. 


As a FinTech company, ECARD believes in the power of science and technology and hope we could all collectively brave through the crisis. When it’s all over, GO, FLY, ROAM, TRAVEL, VOYAGE, EXPLORE, JOURNEY, DISCOVER, ADVENTURE.


Spend time with your loved ones and be strong.
Stay safe, stay healthy.