Cross-Border card solution

ECARD Supplementary card program provides the user an innovative, efficient, and cost saving mechanism to send money home. Primary cardholders, with a few simple clicks on their mobile app, can make funds available to the supplementary cardholder for their use. This gives ECARD cardholders control of their money and saves time.

Three simple steps to apply

  1. Apply, either in-store or on-line for the Primary card.
  2. Once received, activate the Primary card.
  3. Apply for a Supplementary card either in-store or on-line.


  • No transaction fees on purchases made within the U.S on either the primary or supplementary card.
  • No ATM transaction fees on withdraws made using the SUM ATM network.
  • A 1.49% currency conversion fee is added on purchases or withdrawals outside the U.S.