Spending power for global travel.

There’s no card like ECARD.

What do you do when major credit cards aren’t accepted? ECARD is the answer. It’s the first reloadable payment solution with truly global acceptance, letting you pay quickly and easily wherever in the world you go.

ECARD Mobile App

A borderless

With its unprecedented acceptance rates worldwide, ECARD offers business and leisure travelers a seamless global experience with the UnionPay network.

Get cash anywhere

Get cash and make purchases in over 170 regions and countries

Globally accepted

Acceptance by 99% of ATMs and merchants in China

Globally accepted
Experience wide network

Experience the network with the widest coverage in Eastern Europe and Asia

Experience wide network

Enjoy worldwide privileges and rewards from UnionPay

Asian spices

Travel smart,
spend smarter.

ECARD mobile payment solution

Travel Smart

Based on innovative SmartWallet technology, the ECARD mobile app gives travelers easy access to local merchants with cashless transactions. Whether it’s buying train tickets in China to get to a high-level meeting, or paying for dinner in a Bangkok restaurant, you can use ECARD along with the mobile app to experience the convenience and predictability of every transaction. All this while you control the money.


Get real-time insights into your spending


Lock your card at any time for added security


Reload cards and transfer funds between accounts on the go


Get real-time exchange rates at ATMs worldwide

Isn’t it time to simplify travel and put the power of ECARD in your hands?

Applying is fast
and secure.



Our mission.

ECARD Inc. envisions a borderless world, and is committed to developing advanced global technologies that help individuals and companies across the world conduct business and make transactions, without geographical limitations.

Borderless World

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