Banking Options for Non-Residents and Non-Citizens - ECARDINC

Living without a bank card and a mobile payment solution is getting hard to do.  Try buying a coffee at Grand Central Station in New York and see what happens. Some merchants don’t accept cash.  Many employers and agencies will not pay you unless you have an account and we all know that online merchants can’t accept cash.  Because these trends are growing, we are moving toward a cashless society. 

For non-residents and non-citizens banking, the lack of a social security number can make banking impossible in some states. For many frequent foreign travelers or international students, there is little to no option in terms of opening an American bank card. With ECARD, you can use a variety of ID, including a foreign passport, to get approved. 


A great option for non-residents and non-citizens is to get an ECARD.  ECARD is a prepaid payment solution that looks and works just like a bank credit card.  Customers can load cash at over 100,000 merchants including any Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, and Walgreens.  Our mobile app provides all the benefits of online banking and the security of being able to temporarily shut off the card instantly if it is lost or stolen.  And no social security number is needed to apply for an ECARD.

Unlike other prepaid cards, ECARD holders enjoy countless benefits and savings. Our customers save real money at hundreds of online merchants.  ECARD customers save at 1 800 CONTACTS, AMC Theatres, Applebees,, Olive Garden, Omaha Steaks, Otter Box, Skullcandy,, just to name a few.