【U.S.】Grocery Shopping with ECARD at 99 Ranch - ECARDINC
Promotion Detail:

Spend $50 at 99 Ranch Market with ECARD to get $5 off. 

Promotion Period:

Monday – Friday, From Now To 2020-09-31


About 99 Ranch Market:

99 Ranch Market is a Taiwanese-American supermarket chain owned by Tawa Supermarket Inc., which is based in Buena Park, California. 99 Ranch has 53 stores, primarily in California, with other stores in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, and Massachusetts.


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Promotion Rules:

1. This offer may not be used on cigarettes, gift cards, phone cards, lottery tickets.
2. This offer may not cover all goods. Please consult with staff for the detailed information.



1. The terms and conditions of the promotion are applicable to the merchant. Consult staff for customer service.
2. ECARD Inc. is neither vendors nor service providers, thus ECARD Inc. is not responsible for the products or services provided by the merchant. Any obligations and liabilities relating to such products or services and all auxiliary services should be borne by the merchant.
3. ECARD Inc. and the merchant reserve the right to cancel, revise, suspend or terminate all or any parts of the promotion, or revise the terms and conditions herein contained, at any time without prior notice or reason. In case of any disputes, the decision of UnionPay International and the merchant shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
4. This offer is between UnionPay International and the merchant, for more details visit UnionPay International’s website.